We’ll Take’um

29 01 2008

This is a new series where I take a look at possible first round draft picks for the Buffalo Bills called We’ll Take’um

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The First possible draft pick comes from Lineback U – Penn State. Linebacker Dan Connor is at the top of many Outside Linebacker rankings going into April’s draft. Many experts have Keith Rivers of USC rated higher, but Connor seems to be a better fit for the Buffalo Bills. Connor would reunite with his former teammate Paul Posluszny  who will most likely start at middle linebacker next season. Some experts even rate Connors abilities higher than his former teammate. The only downside is that pick 11 may be a bit of a reach for Connor. However the Bills have shown they are not afraid to reach if they are getting their guy.

The following is the NFLDRAFTCOUNTDOWN.COM Scouting report on Dan Connor,

Above average athleticism…Reliable tackler…Will deliver the big hit…Physical and aggressive…Adequate timed speed…Has sideline-to-sideline range…Does a solid job in coverage…Smart with excellent awareness and instincts…Versatile…A hard worker and leader…Intense and competitive with a non-stop motor…Tough…Has a lot of experience against top competition…Productive…Great program pedigree.

A tad undersized and needs to bulk up…He will have to get stronger…Has trouble taking on blockers head-to-head…Isn’t stout at the point…Lacks fluid hips to turn and run in man coverage….A little rigid and mechanical…Minor character concerns.

The latest product of Linebacker U…Older brothers Jim (Boston College) and Mike (Lehigh) both played college football…Could project inside or outside at the next level…Was suspended for a few games in 2005 for making harassing phone calls to a former assistant coach..He may have been a little overhyped by the media…A weakside prospect who carries a pro grade similar to Paul Posluszny’s a year ago.

Career Statistics
2004 10 85 4.5 1.0 0 1
2005 9 76 5.5 1.5 8 0
2006 13 113 9.0 5.0 2 2
2007 13 145 15.0 6.5 6 1
Totals 45 419 34.0 14.0 16 4

No Popcorn, children are crying everywhere!!

27 01 2008


So today at the local department store food area, the motor on the popcorn machine was broken causing mass hysteria. Now it was very obvious that there was no popcorn because there was no popcorn in the entire popcorn popper. To order the popcorn you need to walk right past the popcorn maker. I decided to keep a running tally of the amount of people who asked about the popcorn even though it was clear we were out. The final tally for a 1230- 9 shift was 33 people. Got to love people. Especially when the notice there isn’t any popcorn and still ask, as if we are hiding underneath the counter.

Cleveland ’07

25 01 2008


The first day of the trip was a very late start. We left buffalo at about 10 and headed into what was supposed to be the storm of the century. Too bad the weather was actually pretty good. So when we finally reached the hotel the first thing my  uncle did was turn on the television…….. at 130 in the morning. Apparently he cannot just get into bed and fall asleep. The Iphone kept us up to date on the weather which was starting to turn.


The second started bright and early with some chatting with other Buffalo people who were rooming next to us. They said that weather was no going to get better and boy were they right. We left the hotel and I was guilt tripped into going to Burger King for breakfast. Apparently the muffin at the local gas station was not good enough. We found some Bills fans in the parking lot and played homeless people by standing by a garbage can fire. Uncle mike complained about the rye bread on the italian sausage. Nothing like looking the gift horse in the mouth. That is when the weather turned into the wildest atomsphere i have ever been a part of. I actually had to sit in the car it was so cold. Once we left and headed for the stadium there were escalators in clear glass going up to the seats. It was intense to see the city or lack of sight of the city. We ran into the man who made sure that everyone take control of their section!!!!! Once we sat down, the drunken douche bag behind us started with the death threats. It was entertaining for a while until he started screaming in my ear. That was about when Uncle Mike threatened him annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then we looked for new seats.  After the half we found seats on the fifty yard line. They were right at the top of the section and I kinda felt like the king at medevil times. Too bad the team didnt respond to our new seats. The Browns fans continued to be classless by throwing snow balls at our players. Oh by the way, maybe Turk Schonert won’t call a screen pass on fourth down with the season on the line. On the way out the Browns fans dissed their own Quarterback. We drove some nice clevelanders home, of course they also turned out to be jerks cause they stole dad’s ticket necklace. Well then we drove home in some beautifully sunny weather and now await next years trip. Stay tuned for that annoucement. Some finalists are new york, miami, and new england. It should be interesting.

Cloverfield = GD INSANE!!!!

25 01 2008

Cloverfield MonsterCloverfield Monster

So if you were at all interested in going to go see cloverfield, make sure you see it in the theater, because its probably the closest thing to a war zone outside of Afghanistan or Iraq. You need to have a high tolerance for scariness, and of course, blood. Its one of the better monsters movies ever and it makes the matthew broderick Godzilla look like childsplay. Above is the giant monster who takes off lady liberty’s head. Below that is the monsters dandruff henchman that go around doing his dirty work like patrolling the subway. There are not many big stars in the show but there is Aubrey from October Road and Kat from The Class who may or may not bleed from her eye. Anway, enjoy the movie!!!!

69 episodes. Thats what she said

25 01 2008

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So I am finally on the lost bandwagon. I started watching the DVD’s on the first of the month and never thought i would get through three seasons (69 Episodes) before the season premiere which is in a week. Too bad I finished all of the 69 episodes in a week, brother! Im not really sure why Walt is thirty now, how John survived a gun shot, who is on the freighter, and of course, what are you doing here!?!?!?!?!?

Buffalo Zoo is Murdering Polar Bears!!!!!

21 11 2007



According to a report filed by PETA, the Buffalo Zoo is becoming the Auschwitz concentration camp of zoos. Three polar bears have died  in the last 16 months including, Danny, Kelly, and Becky. Here are pieces of the article to try and help explain their deaths according to the PETA report,


“In the first case, a bear named Danny was found in summer 2006 by keepers to be suffering from low weight and extensive fly bites to his ears.

In August 2006, veterinarians anesthetized Danny so that he could be treated for his ailments, according to the report.

A zookeeper who had been monitoring Danny while he was still immobilized left his holding area for two hours and, upon returning, found the bear dead in an empty pool. “


Kelly –

  Several polar bears at the zoo ate garbage left in their exhibit, according to the report, which stated that zookeepers should do a better job of keeping out foreign objects.

A necropsy performed on a polar bear named Kelly that died in November 2006 showed that the bear had a number of stones and a plastic toy in her stomach.


 Becky –

A third bear, Becky, underwent surgery this past February for an internal obstruction.

The surgery found plastic rims in her stomach, and Becky had previously gotten her mouth locked shut by pieces of garbage, the report found. Becky died a day after the February surgery.

The three polar bear deaths “did raise some suspicion. It is something that we’re following up on,” said Jessica Milteer, an Agriculture Department spokeswoman.

I cannot believe that I wrote a commercial for these sick, inhumane people who are killing polar bears. Oh, but at least the elephant house will look nice. 


Wegmans Biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 11 2007